Reasons To Include Bath Bombs in Your Daily Bath

Bath bombs are basically dry bath balls that are packed with various dry ingredients and releases effervescence when wet. Coming in a wide variety of color and scent, all its ingredients possesses various skin nurturing properties.

Gone are the days when people used to dissolve different powders or agents to their baths for having an aroma or skin smoothing effect. Instead, nowadays, it’s the bath balls that’s gaining prominence.

Here are the three main reasons for its growing popularity and why you should include bath bombs in your daily bath.

Skin Rehydration

The impressive re-hydrating effects that the bath balls leave on the skin can be one of the major reasons for its addition to your daily bathing schedule. The various essential oils that these balls contain help to lock the moisture in your skin, which, otherwise, gets washed away with the use of regular soaps while leaving a dry skin behind.

Soaking your body in a bath with cream or oil based bath balls means giving your skin the re-hydration and moistening effect that it seeks.

Skin Nourishment

The bath bombs contain various essential oils and butter elements that get released in the water when you put them in the bathtub and make sure that you get to experience all their benefits. Be it the qualities of shea butter or various essential oils like grapeseed, lavender etc., these bath balls simply help in nourishing the skin by adding various skin nurturing substances in your bath.

While the babassu oil helps in reducing stretch marks giving a smooth effect to the skin; the grapeseed oil soothes the skin, functioning as an antioxidant. 


Apart from maintaining the health of your skin, using bath balls can serve as the best way to have an aromatherapy right at your home, whenever you want. Yes, these water soluble balls come with a variety of scents. 

They release a refreshing fragrance when dissolved in water. All you have to do is choose the right bath ball that's scent appeals to you and put it in your bathtub to enjoy a session of aromatherapy that will soothe both your body and mind. Aromatherapy is known for providing relief from depression and anxiety. It is through these products that having such a therapy has become so easier.

Crushed Oatmeal Bath Bomb

The bath bombs being capable of transforming the bathroom atmosphere of your home into a tranquil one like spa salon, while offering various benefits to the skin, including them in your daily bath automatically becomes a wise choice.